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7 responses to “This is not art! Bloggers at the Newcastle National Young Writers Festival”

  1. TimT

    Ah, I was actually considering going up to Newcastle for that bloggers event and the zine fair, but left it all a little too late. Cheers!

  2. Mark

    It looks like there’s a lot of interesting stuff!

  3. Graham Bell

    I’m not busy just now ….. do you want someone to carry your bags??

    Anyway, have a ton of fun. :-)

  4. Francis Xavier Holden

    You, flutey, Zoe .. yeah but anyone famous – or even good?

  5. Francis Xavier Holden

    Like me – why didn’t they invite me?

    Is it because I’m too old to go to the National YOUNG Writer’s Festival?

    That’s it, isn’t it?


  6. Graham Bell

    Cheer up. “You’re only as old as the ….”

  7. Francis Xavier Holden

    Whilst the LP blog was down, due to a bounced cheque, I have been the victim of identity theft on a grand scale. I have written to Ms Coonan and complained and my technical department is currently tracking down the culprit(s).

    I don’t think I can adequately describe the sense of violation that occurs when one’s identity is stolen by idiots.

    Sometimes things just go too far. As Sister Mary Potential used to say to me:

    “FX, all the class likes a bit of fun. But there’s always that one person who has to take it that little bit too far – and spoil it for everyone”

    – “Put your hand out and DON’T pull it away”