This is the word of the lol

[Via Elizabeth at Scarlet Words]


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15 responses to “This is the word of the lol”

  1. Devlol Drink

    Eat fruit. Won’t die. Promise.

  2. Pavlov's Cat

    DD, rilly? I can has apple?

  3. Ed

    raoflmao! – i think i got that right…

  4. Katz

    Nail up My Son. is good for u.

  5. Devlol Drink

    You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.

    (Exodus 23:19)
    That means no cheezburgers.

  6. Zarquon

    Boke of Brian 1:1

    Blessed are the cheezmakers

    Cheezburger iz OK.

  7. Devlol Drink

    “Put forth thy hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse thee to thy face.”
    And the LORD said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power…”

    (Job 1:11-12)
    I’ve got your bucket.

  8. A Gnome Named Grimble Grumble

    All I can say is, Ralph Ellison and H.G. Wells must be awfully tired right about now.

  9. amphibious

    GrimbleGrumble – don’t know how Ellison & HG would have coped – I just came back from an expedition and PHEW! Wish somebody had warned me to take water & lembas. Is it real? – probably, there’s no accounting for taste; is it valid? – well, “new born babe” and all that, but could somebody let me know in, maybe 20 or 30 yrs, what happened?

  10. zebbidies spring

    Aramageddon ™

    Gd 2 Stn: im in ur base killin ur d00dz
    Stn 2 Gd: i got ur j00z suxx0r
    Gd 2 Stn:lol i got rpblcn prty no need j00z
    stn 2 gd:lolz chny is pwnwd bi meeeee!1!!!!1!
    gd 2 stn: dam!

  11. Francis Xavier Holden

    I always thought it was spelt “Inbisible”

  12. Mark

    Pedantz r in yr blog thread!

  13. Nabakov

    The textor Bible

    Light n d beginN. thN a lot of fussing, f’n & feuding untl som bloke sAz we shud luv EchuthR. He gitz killed & cumz bak. d nd.

    Can I has manna now?

  14. shishkin

    shut the fuk up and do what yr told you imbecile!!! yr ONLY hope lies when yr dead, my friend – and BTW, peace to all except for the infidels, heathens and inappropriate subsets of otherwise officially sanctioned organisations – kill those fukers!!! this is the WERD … (:

  15. Yobbo

    im in ur temple, pwnzing ur moneychangers.