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7 responses to “11 long years”

  1. Tony T.

    Well, that was completely dreadful.

  2. via collins

    At the risk of me-tooing, I’ll stand in line behind Tony. That’s 3 minutes 28 seconds I’ll never get back…

  3. via collins

    I should say that it jarred especially after the pith, and fist-pumping melodic joys of the Silver Convention Youtube hunt Nabakov inspired from the Lazy Sunday thread.

    Watch the audience go utterly bananas here

  4. Lloyd

    Sorry to be a party pooper but I think it’s rather good. A bit of power and passion covering all bases and giving us reason enough to maintain the rage.

    WTF are you wanting? Delta?

  5. anthony

    ugh, that was terrible. It was a riff from the Common People and then they weren’t sure what they were supposed to do with it so just kept going.

    Maybe that was the effect they wanted.

    [War Pigs! call me!]

  6. Illusive Mind

    It could be fingernails scratching on a black board, with that chorus it would still sounds like sweet sweet music to my ears.

  7. Alan

    I wish a singer-songwriter would compose and sing a ballad on the theme of why 55% of Australians dislike and distrust Ratty.