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23 responses to “CIA’s fake vaccination drive to get bin Laden”

  1. Paul Burns

    So WTF did they vaccinate them with? :)
    Really, this is silly re anti-vaccinators. Personally, I’m sure having a pneumonia vaccination several years ago (even though it nearly killed me at the time with an allergic reaction) and having an annual flu vaccine has saved my life several times over, and I bet I’m not alone in my age group.
    There a countless young girls and women around today who will live long, healthy lives because they’ve been vaccinated against cervical cancer.

  2. Occam's Blunt Razor

    Surely, if actual vaccinations were being done it wasn’t all bad.

  3. Occam's Blunt Razor

    What about the Polio Drops?

  4. BigBob


    Good Lord, what an apologist you are. There is no conceivable justification for this act.

    Accepting a vaccination is an act of trust for the recipient. That trust has been abused. Let alone performing unauthorised DNA screening on the subjects.

    Vaccination programs have enough problems dealing whacko’s already without the damned CIA interfering.

  5. Occam's Blunt Razor

    We live in an imperfect world. Running a “fake” immunisation scheme to catch Bin Laden is not reallly something I think is worth getting ones undergarments wrought over. Little harm done in a much greater cause. Build a bridge . . .

  6. Occam's Blunt Razor

    @8 – Fortunately, the ability of organisatiosn like Rotary International to make up for the minor short comings of the CIA that the majority of the developing world don’t give a flying rat’s arse about more than trumps the pumped up “USA Bad!” rantings in left wing journals.

  7. David Irving (no relation)

    Razor, there’s already a perception problem with vaccination in countries infested by various breeds of fundies. This’ll make it a lot worse, and I don’t think a flying visit by a bunch of overweight anglo businessmen will help much.

  8. Katz

    Remind me.

    How has the world changed since OBL was offed?

    For example has AQ stepped forward and proclaimed: “By the Prophet’s Beard, you CIA Infidels are good. Rumbled OBL with a fake vaccination program. Clever. Too clever for us. We surrender.”

    Didn’t think so.

    Is this ever going to happen?

    Certainly not.

    Remind me. How big is the US Govt debt?

    Will the US run out of credit before AQ runs out of successors to OBL.


  9. sublimecowgirl

    So the CIA, in undermining the integrity of local vaccine programs, never intended to compromise the long term health outcomes of the population in that region? Really?

    It would be a joke if it wasn’t so profoundly damaging in the long term to all ngo /health orgs in developing countries who have to perpetually manage fears and superstition around so many modern health interventions.

  10. PeterTB

    How has the world changed since OBL was offed?

    I think it’s been a far, far happier place for most sane people in the western world.

  11. FDB

    Ah, to be so easily made happy. I envy you PeterTB.

  12. David Irving (no relation)

    FDB, you know what they say about people who are easily pleased, I’m sure. Simple pleasures for simple minds.

    As for me (and I’m both sane and, at least culturally, of the western world), OBL’s death hasn’t actually made the slightest difference.

  13. Katz


    I think it’s been a far, far happier place for most sane people in the western world.

    How do you measure your happiness? How has the demise of OBL augmented it?

    The death of Gaddafi may signify the end of a brutal regime. But the end of OBL signifies nothing of the kind. On the contrary, it signifies the futility of attempting to destroy AQ by military means. That should be profoundly depressing for any sane person, westerner or otherwise.

  14. Link

    And just in from la la la land, OBL’s death has also resulted in the Taliban posed to concede defeat in Afghanistan.

  15. Link

    Jeez, the CIA are so comically useless, always getting busted for being the quintessential paranoid evil-doers. (Pity they are also, so effing dangerous.)

  16. Occam's Blunt Razor

    I had a glass of very nice Shiraz to celebrate the death of OBL.

  17. Katz

    OBR, if it required the death of OBL to induce you to quaff a good Shiraz, then you need much more happiness in your life.

    For example, Rupert Murdoch is daily looking more like Charles Foster Kane. Surely that is worth a glass of Chateau Cardboard. Knock yourself out.

  18. James McDonough

    I thought the CIA was behind all vaccinations. Aren’t they building a worldwide DNA database? Or inserting a lethal infectious agent that slowly sterilises Muslims? Or something?

  19. James McDonough

    Well, maybe all the other ‘crazy’ conspiracy theories are true then. Hmm …

    Frankly I think invading an allied nation to murder a bunch of people is way crazier than using pretend vaccinations to find them. The vaccination program is exploding-cigar crazy, the raid on the compound was bay-of-pigs crazy.