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7 responses to “Queensland election roundup 1”

  1. Sam

    Not a single post (until now). What if they held an election and nobody came?

  2. Kim

    Indeed! I meant to add that I think that people don’t really engage with state elections til the last couple of weeks!

  3. Hal9000

    Newman’s carping about the election announcement will do him no favours, IMO. He can’t complain the government is outstaying its mandate, and has in fact been demanding that the government call an election for months. The stuff he’s been spouting about caretaker conventions is just hot air both intellectually and electorally. It makes him sound like a whinger. At any event, caretaker conventions are about an outgoing administration fettering an incoming government with new financial commitments and appointments. Bligh is entirely within her rights to implement measures announced in the 2011-12 budget. The idea that government should be paralysed for an additional month is preposterous and insisting that it be so will attract not one voter to the Newman cause.

    Meanwhile, I note that the Gladstone fisherfolk are taking the government to court over the extraordinary coincidence of mass fish deaths and dredging the harbour to allow LNG vessels access. This and some other resource-related environmental issues will be prominent in the campaign in the absence of significant areas of policy difference between the Bligh ALP and the Newman LNP on promoting rapid growth in extractive industries. Those fisherfolk and the demise of their livelihoods will make good media. Expect the likes of Katter and Messenger to play it up. I’m not aware that Liz Cunningham has taken a position as local member – she could lose support whichever way she jumps on this one, and sitting on the fence is not going to be an option for her.

  4. Martin B

    caretaker conventions are about an outgoing administration fettering an incoming government with new financial commitments and appointments.

    AFAIK, primarily they are about ensuring that the executive remains accountable to parliament by limiting what the executive can do during a period when there is no parliament. In this case parliament is continuing to operate until Feb 19th so there is no breach of the conventions, however unusual it might be.

  5. Socrates

    Personally I find it hard to see how Labor can win. The further Health Department scandal must have been damaging, both of itself and as a reminder of previous scandals.

    Antony Green effectively disposes of the argument that the LNP might win power but lose Ashgrove. The swing needed for the LNP will give Newman a win too. Friends in NQ say that the LNP has done itself few favours there by selecting poor or compromised local candidates. This may assist Bob Katter’s party to win a few seats. However I think the best case outcome for Labor will be a minority LNP – Australian Party government. I can’t imagine Katter would side with Labor.

  6. Lefty E

    “What if they held an election and nobody came?”

    There’s a great novel called “Seeing” by the Portuguese Nobel laureate Jose Saramago, with exactly this premise.

  7. Andrew

    @5 Socrates I don’t think Anthony Green actually says what you claim. He says that a statewide swing of 4.6% will deliver government to the LNP but Newman will need 7.1% to win Ashgrove. The further argument in that article is merely hypothesising that Newman will win if he continues to poll over 50% of the first preference votes. I don’t think its valid to suggest a win for Newman on the basis of results in the last Federal election.