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14 responses to “Latest #Wikileaks file dump”

  1. Chris

    Wikileaks taking aim at the Swedish foreign minister too. Apparently in attempt to stop Assange getting extradited to the US via Sweden. Will be quite a revelation if it turns out there has been a political influence in bringing charges against him.


  2. Nickws

    This is interesting stuff. Apparently Stratfor are a bunch of true lunatics, armchair mercenary nutters. Think Frederick Forsyth on speed.

    Though I also get the impression that the scandals of the past have made it impossible for these jokers to get real entry into the Western power structure like, say, the Rand corporation used to have.

    Ha; so Daniel Ellsberg gets the ball rolling on exposing the original intelligence contractors, and by the time Assange rolls around he essentially has something less than the Pentagon Papers to work with, thanks to Ellsberg’s original efforts (not to mention that of the Iran Contra investigators, I suppose).

  3. paul walter

    Stratfor, the Standard and Poors of IR , a subsidiary mechanism to Carlyle, Lockheed and the rest.

  4. Katz

    I notice that George Friedman, the head honcho of Stratfor, authored Coming War With Japan, with Meredith LeBard (1991). St Martins Press. Reprint edition, 1992, ISBN 0-312-07677-0.

    That war is still coming, I guess.

  5. Jacques de Molay

    Is this the same mob the ALP (Marn) use to spy on environmentalists? 😉

    Really appreciate the Wikileaks leaks of the sordid stuff Shell (I think?) have been doing inside the Nigerian government and of course exposing Mark Arbib for the cretin he is.

  6. an

    This should be interesting. I’ve been a subscriber to Stratfor’s free newsletter for some time and have noted the level of attention they pay to drug issues and violence in Mexico including information on how to travel safely in convoy, ambush avoidance and so on. All very boy’s own adventure stuff. A recent analysis read, to me at least, as corporate advice to Mexican crime honchos about how to restructure their operations. Seriously spooky weirdos in the inimitable USA style.

  7. Chris

    Assange and his supporters not quite as paranoid as some like to portray them. The US has a sealed indictment on him. Presumably just waiting for him to end up in country they think they can easily extradite him from.


    I wonder if there is any way that the UK is able to if they do allow extradition to Sweden put a condition on his transfer that he not be extradited to a 3rd country? Along similar lines where Australia won’t allow extradition to another country if the death penalty is on the table – which would be possible if Assange ended up in the US.

  8. akn

    Yes Chris. And Assange’s extradition is sought without him having been charged with any offence under Swedish law. Merely for investigation which will happen somewhere in Swedish air space en route to the US.

  9. Helen

    Found this in TNH’s particles on the Making Light blog with link text: “I don’t know whether this is real”.


  10. pablo

    The Greens put a number of questions to Sen. Evans today on what the Australian Government knew of current US moves re: Assange. As Senate rep for the vacant Foreign Affairs ministry, Evans gave what could be described as a cavalier know nothing response.
    If this Labor Government ever wants to re-connect with a local voting audience then it needs to demonstrate some idealism and principle on this and other ‘gut’ issues. If the Arbib – US conduit was all one way traffic then his going might pave the way for a different approach.
    By the way I still haven’t heard a Gillard Government response to the US offer of loaning nuclear subs to us should our Collins class six completely collapse before 2025. Talk about wedging us on the US-China issue!

  11. David Perth

    Given the track record of Mark Arbib as a source for US Intelligence (oxymoron alert), it will be worth watching to see if there is a connection between the timing of his sudden resignation and the then impending staged release of the Stratfor data?

    Also as quoted in the SMH today, these Stratfor people must be regular charmers. In the emails, an Australian Stratfor ”senior watch officer”, Chris Farnham, advocated revoking Mr Assange’s Australian citizenship, adding: ”I don’t care about the other leaks but the ones he has made that potentially damage Australian interests upset me. If I thought I could switch this dickhead off without getting done I don’t think I’d have too much of a problem.”””

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/revealed-us-plans-to-charge-assange-20120228-1u14o.html#ixzz1nm0XXh00

  12. silkworm

    This latest Wikileaks dump is also covered at Antony Loewenstein’s blog.

    Of particular interest was the outrageous quote by Chris Farnham, which David Perth has just covered, but there are two other revelations that are worth noting:

    1. US prosecutors have drawn up secret charges against Julian Assange; and

    2. In Chris Farnham’s opinion, there was nothing behind the Swedish charges of sexual misconduct “other than prosecutors that are looking to make a name for themselves.”

  13. Jules

    I meant to post this last week…

    LulzSec frontman Sabu was FBI informant, fed Stratfor docs to Wikileaks from an FBI-owned computer

    So that dump to wikileaks was done with the knowledge and approval of the FBI and it appears that the Stratfor hack by Lulzsec that got the emails in the first place also happened after Monsegur was busted and working for the FBI.

  14. akn

    Old news but an excellent summary of what Assange is facing –

    Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group