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21 responses to “Weekly Whimsy”

  1. Geoff Henderson

    The late Christopher Hitchens apparently said: “Give a dog food, shelter and love and he will think you are a God. Give a cat the same, and it will think it is a God.
    Just saying… no offence to cat lovers today.

  2. Mercurius

    Wait…people are posting cat pictures…on the internet now!?

    It’s madness! Sheer madness!!

  3. Mercurius

    …330 comments on bacon cat…


    This is why internet.

  4. Mindy

    “Give a cat the same, and it will think it is a God.”

    Fed kitten in morning, kitten happy. Fed kitten in evening the same flavour kitten food as in the morning, kitten not happy. Fed kitten again, with different flavoured kitten food, kitten happy.

    They don’t think they are God, they know.

  5. zorronsky

    Cool_bird_loves_Ray_Charles11.wmv A little corella dances to the Blues brothers favorite fi you can find it on u-tube.

  6. zorronsky
  7. Jess

    I just handed in my PhD thesis, so I can go back to procrastinating on teh internets! Thought I’d share the sort of stuff that gets you through a write-up. Can I kid myself that I’ll play as well as Brad Mehldau one day?

    …probably not – the man is playing about four different time signatures with two hands in that clip.

  8. Mercurius

    Congrats Jess. As one who is slogging through a mere Masters Thesis on my weekends and begrudging every second of it (except the bits where I got to interview teachers in South Korea, those were the cool bits), I dips me lid…

  9. Geoff Henderson

    Agree Mercurius, well done Jess. ‘ Have recently completed Masters, still gasping for air & wondering wtf happened!
    PhD next? nah, bridge too far I think…

  10. jumpy

    Beautiful pics of the Black Sea.

  11. Fiona

    Congratulations, Jess – I can still remember the ecstatic relief of submission.

  12. kellsy

    The Syrian Observatory on Feline Rights reports that Assad’s forces are killing cats in Syria. Hundreds of cats have gone missing, believed interned in Assad’s notorious feline torture camps. Because Russia and China obviously care little for their fate, the international community is powerless to help them and the UN is handcuffed. At time of writing, Avaaz has joined forces with R2PC (Responsibility to Protect Cats) and is putting together a petition to stop the brutal dictator’s feline slaughter. If you have any humanity at all, please sign. You are their only hope. Oh … and send money.

  13. Nick

    Bit different flavour, but anyone familiar with the excellent Sublime Frequencies label will enjoy this:


  14. Nick
  15. robbo

    As one who lives in a no-cat situation it always does my heart well to look at moggies and remember all that I loved and lost. They is sooo cute.Wish I could have another cat, I do miss the company that only a cat can provide.

  16. Jess

    Thanks all – and thanks Nick for the link to sahelsounds – that’s an awesome album eh?

  17. Ootz

    An antidote to all those suffering from the TMCCS (TooManyCuteCatsSyndrome).

    Congrats to Jess and Geoff for passing ‘whimsical’ academic hurdles and a cheer up-nearly there to Mercurius.

  18. Nick

    No worries, Jess!

    google “sublime frequencies iraq”. That’s a great album too…very diverse, and I’m sure you’d like a lot of the tracks. Any of the sublime Nigerian stuff highly recommended also…Group Inerane: Guitars From Agadez is a classic…

    Also a big fan of Kasai All Stars…sound of thumb piano through fuzz pedals is pretty awesome!