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24 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. faustusnotes

    I am on the bullet train to osaka, currently drifting at subsonic speed in the misty hills between nagoya and kyoto. Octopus balls and incomprehensible japanese till tuesday!

  2. MH

    In Toronto at the Asian Studies Association conference. Bad coffee.

  3. zorronsky

    The joys of learning in my seventy fourth year. Bought a tablet, upgraded my wireless modem for the 3rd time in 12months to handle wifi and resurrected an earlier PC that has been offline for a couple of years. Typing is relatively new for me and now I’m struggling with the tablet’s summon-up key board and all sorts of hidden other needs.
    All this with a self-inflicted 60th birthday party inspired illness.

  4. Paul Burns

    Watched Insiders. Watched DVD of Red Cliff. This time I could read the subtitles. Surfed teh net, etc. A dull, lazy day.

  5. Terangeree

    Not to mention one of my favourites, Faustus: Okonomiyaki. :)

    I head up to Osaka next month, and fly back from Tokyo two days before Anzac Day with the beloved and her progeny.

    The house is still as neat as a pakapoo ticket :(

  6. Fiona

    Well done Terangeree (with the house) – and an exciting time in prospect.

    I listened to lots of lovely music on my “new” sound system, spent far too much time chatting elsewhere about Margaret Whitlam’s demise and certain people’s lack of grace, and wandered into the garden to look at the broad beans and oakleaf lettuce that have replaced the tomatoes and zucchinis.

  7. wilful

    watched the rebels lose after the siren. Disappointing indeed.

  8. Thomas Paine

    Downloading and making japanese enka CDs for the car.

  9. BilB
  10. Terangeree

    Fiona @ 6:

    I think your congratulations are misplaced. To say that something is “like a pakapoo ticket” is to say that it is very, very messy or that it is indecipherable.

  11. Terangeree

    Thomas, are you sure that your car likes Japanese enka? How do you know that it doesn’t prefer to listen to AKB48?

  12. Paul Norton

    I inserted my dongle into my computer.

  13. FDB

    FN – takoyaki FTW!

    My Lady Friend is about to go to Japan, and asked me this morning what she ought not miss food-wise. Takoyaki and tataki were my answers, in that order.

  14. Terangeree

    Takoyaki are not recommended in Mihara at two o’clock, FDB.

  15. Helen

    Those both sound delicious, FDB. I’ll have to remember that next time I go to a japanese restaurant, as my knowledge of japanese cuisine doesn’t go far beyond the sushi/tempura/soba routine.

  16. paul walter

    Most beautiful weather in Adelaide, no major sport to occupy or drown out other things. A row with bogans round the corner objecting to me taking my cat for a walk, fri night. Sat night went up to local for St Pat’s day, left early, no point if you aren’t a drinker.
    Sunday was best- brilliant teev throughout the day and right through the evening on ABC and SBS; taking a shine to the Phryne Fisher thingie.

  17. Craig Mc

    Not to mention one of my favourites, Faustus: Okonomiyaki.

    Sigh. Daimaru, I miss you.

  18. FDB

    Helen – I should have specified beef tataki. I reckon doing it with fish is like a wussy sashimi. Albeit with tasty dressing.

    For quite inexpensive and excellent Melbourne versions of all dishes discussed on this thread – okonomiyaki, takoyaki and beef tataki, go to Teppansan on Russell St. between Bourke and Little Bourke.

    [I do not work for Teppansan, and in no way stand to benefit from their promotion. In fact, I’m putting their kids through college.]

  19. Craig Mc

    Seconded FDB. Still, I miss Daimaru’s okonomiyaki.

  20. FDB

    I just tried to find where Daimaru had been, and it turns out they closed in 2002 – before I got to Vic. To still be holding a torch for them a decade on, it must have been pretty special!

  21. Craig Mc

    FDB, a purist might not think it was special, but it was worth me driving into the city from the ‘burbs for it on Sundays.

    There was always an eager queue waiting up to 20 minutes for a slab of it weekday lunchtimes.

    Still, here’s to Teppansan!

  22. Ambigulous

    Seconding Craig Mc @16, their okonomiyaki was good. Simple dish, but soooo tasty.

  23. su

    @ 12 Well stop it.

    My inner Molesworth still finds it highly amusing that in these days of Quarry Australia, dongers require massive cranes and a number of stevedores to move them about and can house 2-6 men in the desert.

  24. Terangeree

    Went to work early on Sunday, and learnt that — according to a QRNational myrmidon who ought to know better — it is perfectly safe for a 600+ tonne freight train to proceed without brakes.