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15 responses to “Weekly Whimsy”

  1. Paul Burns

    I’m not sure if this is whimsy but it caught my attention enough for me to go looking it up on teh internet.


  2. Chris Harper

    Paul Burns,

    That looks to be more a Darwin Award nominee than whimsical.

    Do we know if he was a progressive or a conservative?

  3. wilful

    Respect! for tigtog, keeping the mouseover text!

  4. Ootz

    Tonic immobility – as kids we ‘hypnotised’ chickens, but this takes the cake.

  5. Ootz

    Sorry the link above does not work, lets try again
    Tonic immobility

  6. Paul Norton

    I’ve been denounced as a Zionist on Facebook.

  7. Sam

    Paul 6

    Are you a fellow traveller of this organisation


  8. Paul Norton

    Sam, in a way I am, but that isn’t why i was denounced. I’ll elaborate on another thread as this one is supposed to be stoush-free.

  9. joe2

    Ootz, that really is quite incredible.

    I think I will start with a tadpole and work upwards.

  10. wilful

    that’s quite cool ootz. I’m nicking that for a MeFi post.

  11. Terangeree

    Maybe any reference to this story ought to be in the “Spotlight the Spin” thread?

  12. Paul Burns
  13. Wood Duck

    I know that this is not very whimsical [redacted]

    [If it’s not whimsical/uplifting, then it’s not on topic, as the post explicitly outlines. Items that are not on topic anywhere else belong on the open thread. ~ moderator]

  14. Terangeree

    Love in a convenience store is so…


  15. Link

    Geebz Ootz that’s remarkable. I was thinking what a brave ‘man’, but hang on a minute . . .


    Like the gloves–very handy when feeding sharks . . .

    Its almost as if she has to encourage this last shark to get moving again.