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12 responses to “NSW coal generation under pressure”

  1. BilB

    I guess the question is, really, how should we weight issues, and supplementarily, how should we sum issues.

    Heading into an election in which huge changes will occur and the country will be plunged into a full recession, given that the polls are correct, there have been highly polarising statements made triggered by single issues indicating that people are performing issues calculations which trigger flips of voting intention.

    The one that intrigues me is the Gonsky tertiary revenue shift which appears to have triggered universal condemnation of the government and breached a levy of academic support for Labour. Is this enraged invective or does it really indicate a major change to the voter calculation result which would mean that the 2% reduction in funding of universities is an issue with exponential weighting.

    What would make, for instance, a climate scientist, a position largely dependent on a climate change receptive administration, flip to support a new administration certain to sweep away all vestiges of that profession and its entire purpose while triggering a recession that is further certain to negatively feedback to the tertiary education structure to an even greater extent?

    The answer I think is that we humans are very poorly equipped to make such calculations, and desperately need help in this regard. There is a gap here, probably even an abyss, recognised in other fields with expressions such as “credibility gap”, “requiring a leap of faith”, etc. and to date there has been only one standout form of assistance offered that has the ability to bridge that gap. That is Hans Rosling’s Mind the Gap software solution. You are going to have to google Rosling’s TED presentation to see what I mean as it defies words to adequately convey the power of Rosling’s achievement.

    Last year I phoned the Prime Minister’s office, anticipating the difficulties that this election would deliver, to suggest that they enlist this technology not only for better decision making, but to help to convey to the electorate the gravity of the threat to our civilisation, …..and our country, that: climate change; population change; resource depletion; conflict intensity; and economic/demographic changes,…will all have.

    What Roslings software does is bring visual movement, form, and function to masses of information. Without movement our eyes and our brains cannot perceive the world. Our eyes themselves are constantly moving in order to be able to see static objects. Without that movement we are blind for but a brief instant. Our brains need this very same assistance in order to be able to perceive the “big picture” that is the world beyond our immediate proximity and personal experience.

    Short form? We need help, and fast.

  2. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    Well, Gillards shower of incompetent squandermonkeys don’t think cli-fi is an issue either, do they?

    Watch their actions, not their words. (Why DID Tim Flannery buy a waterfront mansion in Sydney?)

    The federal government is set to slash around $100 million in funding for solar and other renewable energy projects to help cover an expected plunge in the price of carbon in three years time.

    Funding for manufacturers to adopt low-emissions technology – worth $1.2 billion – and initiatives in regional ­Australia to improve carbon storage are also likely to be reduced in next week’s budget.

  3. David Irving (no relation)

    Mk50 etc, predictable as ever, brings up the old canard about Flannery’s waterfront mansion. As I understand it, it’s actually on a river, and several metres above current water levels: enough so it won’t get flooded until long after Flannery’s children are dead.

    So, if you’re … incorrect … about that, why shouldn’t we treat anything you say with contempt?

  4. Mk50 of Brisbane, Henchman to the VRWC

    His two houses are on a river? Actually, no.

    Dude, they are at Coba Point, just round the corner from Dusthole Bay on Berowra waters (good spot for hairtail off Coba Point). It’s fully tidal as it’s in a flooded river valley.

    So, if you’re … incorrect … about that, why shouldn’t we treat anything you say with contempt?

    And he was chirpily agreeing with predicted ‘eight storey’ sea level rises in 2006, or is that down the cli-fi cult true believer memory hole nowadays? Of course, that was back in the day of $50k a speaking gig and first class air travel to the gig. These days no-one will pay to hear the poor chap’s wails of ecodoom. How sad for his bank account that the scam is over (even Gillard agrees with that).

  5. David Irving (no relation)

    What mk50 etc says about Flannery’s house being on an estuary is probably true: the rest of what I wrote stands.

    Brian, I apologise for helping mk50 etc derail the discussion. The graphs showing the drop in electricity use and emmissions give me some hope that Flannery’s house may stay unflooded for his grandchildrens’ lifetime.

  6. akn

    And a bloody good thing that coal in NSW is under pressure. I saw the air over Singleton, NSW, today. Filthy with coal dust, diesel and the debris from big explosions from the open cuts. An horrific transformation of rural landscape to industrial foulness.

  7. philip travers

    The endless crap from the coal miners and coal mines is not the absolute level of pollution.And Carbon dioxide as mock cream is easily mixed with yoghurt at a mixable temperature,with the necessity of all those nutritious enhancing bacteria.I know I would seem a pain in the proximity of a curly pig’s tail here for my opinion.But I cannot help it.

  8. David Irving (no relation)

    Yes, Brian. I recall MarkL had interesting and insightful things to say about defence, at least.

  9. akn

    DI (nr) and Brian: Flanery’s juke joint is on the Hawkesbury, no estuary!

  10. David Irving (no relation)

    Thanks, akn. It’s nice to be completely (as against mostly) correct. So, mk50 etc is clearly as dumb as a bag of rocks and even less honest than Tony Abbott. That’s an impressive achievement.