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21 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Terangeree


    My first wedding anniversary today :)

  2. paul burns

    Congratulations to you and your missus Terangeree.

    Been a little crook the past few weeks. There’s a dreadful nauseating vomitous bug going round, and I’ve had it on and off. So have some of my friends, so I know its nothing more serious. So I wraps me up in bed and watches DVDs on HD television. (Actually, I’ve just been a lazy sod, and I don’t have the energy to write at the moment and am using being sick as an excuse.) I do a fair bit of reading, not necessarily on topic. Struggling through a biography of Marcus Aurelius at the moment, before I tackle the Meditations, which I have to shamefacedly admit I’ve never read. Decided I’d better catch up on it, so many people I know have liked it.

  3. zorronsky

    I tipped 92mm out of the rain gauge at 6 this AM all collected from the previous 24 hours. Still a bit of light rain about so things are looking up after many months of below or no rain. A run across the paddocks on the quaddie to chase a couple of hundred ‘Roos onto State Park, something that requires daily attention, might just mean some feed for sheep now that the days are getting longer.

  4. Helen

    Congratulations Terangeree!

    I’m sitting here counting the things I can do until 5 o’clock when Melbourne West Water fixes the water supply to our part of Yarraville: Folding laundry, walking the dogs, net surfing, a bit of drum practice maybe. All unshowered!

    Had some tree people in to give all the trees in our front yard a haircut and get them away from the power lines. They took all the cutttings away too and swept the yard and driveway even though that wasn’t strictly necessary. They’re wonderful!

  5. Salient Green

    Shared some great conversation with David Irving (no relation) over and around a couple of fine reds at the Christine Milne/SHY dinner last night.
    Told them both they were awesome as Helen asked me to, mentioned Helen’s name and the blog to Christine who came along later and chatted to us about farming. Had a good chat with Mark Parnell about the car industry and a quick chat with Sarah Hanson Young.
    Lovely to meet and listen in person to these hard working and inspiring people.

  6. Helen

    Water came back on early. The excitement never stops around here.

  7. David Irving (no relation)

    Yes, it was an excellent evening, Salient, made better by the company.

  8. Jumpy

    Golf on Saturday ( rocking horse sh!t rare ) so i could watch the eldest boy son play League today.
    Happy with both performances.
    The Taipan returned home from her week long Melbourne ” girly trip ” in fine spirits and I now have a sore ear and feel whole again.
    And if Ootz ( or anyone in humid areas ) is about I cannot recommend the “Tropic ” variety of tomato highly enough.
    Prodigious growth rate, pest resistance and yield. Even for a soon-to-be ex-smoker the taste is superior to Grosse Lisse and Rouge de Marmande.
    Also I think I over planted Capsicum, any ideas for preserving the surplus ?

  9. Jumpy

    opps, meant to delete ” boy ” he’s a man now but old habits ………..

  10. mindy

    Congratulations Terangeree, did you go anywhere nice to celebrate?

    Helen I don’t know how you cope with the excitement there 😉

  11. philip travers

    This morning between last night and after 1am. I once again came across my favourite science site Instruments for Natural Philosophy. Thomas B. Greenslade,J- Professor Emeritus of Physics Kenyon College Gambier,OHIO 43022 This site dedicated to old instruments of physics make some understandings in development of the modern easier. I was hunting around for a fluxgate magnetometer.These instruments have been used for a long time and definition of them can be found at the first Wiki. After coming across the word in….Martin A.Uman’s Lightning Dover Publ.Inc. New York This book puts boots on those who travel to spot storms, which is an Australian past time as well.My own purposes are twofold.One is to establish attacks on me,via technology.If this technology can trace very fast activity in lightning phenomena then ,if human based somewhere on Earth or outa space then I have a gotcha moment ahead somewhere[although stuff can be driven through the earth].The other matter is Alien Invasion,U.F.O. stuff.Seeing what was on display at Rense.com to me it seems almost vital to have one of these tools operating regularly.As I have speculated nearly every accident near death and dangerous criminal behaviour maybe subject to remote control,as crazy a proposition that would seem to be.I do not even like corrupt Police not having access to a technology,that may address the reality of”what came over me”. Thus a new human response to the ancient cry, that crime is not of the mind ,but of influences on the mind,whatever that may turn out to be.

  12. Graham Bell

    Terangeree @ 1. Congratulations!

    Paul Burns @ 2. Get well soon. ‘Meditations’ requires much meditation; then again, maybe it was the xlation (I can’t read Latin).

    Zorronsky @ 3. Hey, hang on. How much high-quality game meat and top-class leather are we talking about with that many roos? Hope you weren’t chasing a small fortune away.

    SalientGreen @5 & David Irvine (the real one) @ 7.
    Sounds good.

    Off now to watch “First Footprints”. Hope it is not more politically correct, unscientific propaganda.

  13. Graham Bell

    Watched first episode of “First Footprints”. Not bad at all. Surprisingly respectful towards Aborigines and NOT politically-correct. Some of its assumptions will be challenged; like, why wouldn’t the ancestors of our Aborigines have learnt to make and use watercraft – and perhaps even go out of sight of land – before leaving Africa? Glad someone did mentioned the strange new plants in Australia; thousands must have died or become very ill in the process of Aborigines learning what could be eaten and how. No doubt “First Footprints” will come out on DVD; definitely worth watching.

  14. Terangeree

    Graham Bell (et. al.) @ 12:

    First Footprints is on iView.

  15. paul burns

    First Footprints was very good. Much enjoyed it but was too tired to sit up and watch the feature on American art.
    Graham, distracting myself from Marcus Aurelius. Following my recently acquired bad habit of reading more than one book at a time, have got started on Jack Rakoves ‘s Revolutionaries.


  16. Ootz

    Thanks Jumpy, where did you get that Tropic variety from? And good on you for giving up the filthy habit :)

    Yes, First Footprints was good and timely. Given the increasing probability that Australian people will again have to adapt to fundamental changes in the landscape, which will very likely require a new dreaming or ontological anchors. Along those lines I am seriously considering renaming the still evolving Doomstead to Yambunga. There have only about 120 words of the local original people Kuku Muluridji language documented. Out of those, yumbunga, the name for a camp, appeared to be the most appropriate to reflect our aspirations.

    Interesting enough, these few remaining words were writen down by John Atherton, Esq. in 1886 while exploring a new route to the new minefields west from here. Settlement of Kuku Muluridji land commenced from then on, and today our region is named after Atherton (Tableland). He lived and is buried a stone throw from here on Emerald Hill. Sources have it, that he used to enjoy the company of the Superintendent of the Native Police, when in camp only a little further down the road.

  17. Nick

    Congratulations, Terangeree!

    My partner and I had a baby daughter 11 days ago, so that’s my good news :)

    Thoroughly enjoying it. And happy to report we already have her potty trained. She’s down to maybe two cloth nappies a day, and one disposable at night for reassurance, though we’d like to phase that out soon as well. We’re using bamboo liners cut in half with the cloth nappies, and go through maybe four or five of them a day.

    Sunday spent shopping around for a more suitable potty with a removable insert, and a firmer bassinet mattress!

  18. Nick

    Jumpy – re the filthy habit, try the new puffer sprays. They give me the hiccups if I have too big a hit, but apart from that they’re working really well for me.

  19. Jumpy

    [email protected]
    I first saw them here but was in Bunnings getting some bloodnbone and spotted a punnet .
    One warning, the main stem of mine is about 10metres ( compared to the Roma, in the same bed, which is are 1500 to 2m) long so horizontal is the only option for me above 2m. They care not, still booming along.
    Nick @17
    One of my best mates did hypnosis, doesn’t even have a twinge of craving so Ill try that.
    I went 2.5 years cold turkey once and am still apologising to my family for the arsehole i was. Put on 4 stone too.
    30 years of White Ox is hard to shake.

  20. Jumpy

    FFS, an hour later ?* HERE *
    Sorry Ootz for the delay. I blame hungry family members an a possible case of early onset of dementia.

  21. Graham Bell

    Paul Burns @ 15 and Everyone.

    Interesting link to The Guardian item on abandoning books before reading them to the last page. But eight hundred and twenty comments on the topic!! That speaks volumes about dissatisfied readers and about sloppy editing of dreary tomes.