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11 responses to “Deja vue all over again: the new NBN”

  1. BigBob

    This will define the Abbott government.

  2. Bolter

    “CHANGING the culture at the NBN Co will be crucial to turning around the nation’s biggest infrastructure project, Ziggy Switkowski has declared after releasing a damning review revealing the project would have cost $73 billion and missed its deadline by three years under Labor’s plan.

    The strategic review of the National Broadband Network found that if the rollout had continued under Labor’s model, it would have needed $29bn more in peak funding than the $44bn forecast because of cost blowouts and revenue targets that were never achievable. And capital expenditure was on track to spiral upwards to $56bn rather than the $37bn in the NBN Co’s corporate plan.”

    Everyone bitching about the NBN reminds me of cargo cultists. Yes I would love a Ferrari but I do not expect the government to buy it for me. And the costs listed above are the current estimates. As someone who has worked on big projects – you should probably double that figure again and you might get somewhere close to the real price.

    So, you want to implement a you beaut IT system, you should consider that you need to get some revenue to fund it, so where do you implement first – I know, let’s put it in Tasmania and New England. Perfect, they should all be clamoring for the service and we will connect at least 0.001% of the population after 4 years.

  3. Sceptic

    Big Bob @ 1 – I think the Coalition would be feeling pretty pleased with themselves at this stage.

    They are on the way to re-shaping this country while telling us all that there will be no shocks. No surprises!€\*#%]£

    Closer to the election they will roll out the barrel. A big one. Full of pork crackling, crisp, salty and bubbling.

    Who will be able to resist?

  4. BigBob


    I once thought there might be some overarching plan to change Australia – I don’t believe there is.

    They are just a bunch of dunderheads – State Liberal incompetents dancing on the Federal stage.

    They can’t actually build anything – even their own ideological designs – as they don’t possess the ability to do anything without turning it to crap.

  5. Mahaut1329

    This brouhaha has already diminished the aura of Malcolm Turnbull so perhaps Abbott is not feeling too unhappy about it. The danger for the Coalition is that it adds to an accumulating tally of botched policies and inept political moves. And that will eventually, and inevitably, determine whether this government is re-elected.

  6. Sceptic

    Big Bob – funny isn’t it that dunderheads would be preferable.

    I am not at all sure you are right though. Only time will tell.

  7. Debbieanne

    Sorry Bolter, but that comparison doesn’t work. I have no expectation, not does anyone, that the gov’t should buy me a car, but I do expect the infrastructure on which to drive it. So much for ‘open for business’.

  8. Oliver Townshend

    Close it down, sell it to telstra. This half baked solution isn’t worth spending public money on.

  9. philip travers

    The presented arguments against the Liberals also implies that Labor was underestimating costs.Simply whose experts are right,doesn’t persuade me that the Liberal lies are less meritorious.I have a memory they were opposing the NBN all along as too costly! However it is also true,if they do not remedy some of their political gambling points,they will not be able to use it as pork,and it will be deadly for them and this nation.What I also feel is going on,and there are already signs of this,that the physical and mental limitations of health in the political sphere and elsewhere are emerging.The cost of all this is plaguing the mind.This political competition isn’t worth it to both LIB and LAB. I seem to recall excessive bile being used by non political combatants in the process of continuing to support the NBN as concept.To sell it to Telstra,is to sell it to arseholes,who don’t provide much of a service,just like Banks and all the fan club users of Keating’s Deregulation.

  10. Graham Bell

    Bolter @ 2:
    The concept that a regime must make a profit – or at least not make a loss – on each and every one of its undertakings belongs back in the days Viking fleets and marauding barbarians. A thousand years later, the second most important function of a regime is to provide SERVICE and that usually means Service that the private sector cannot – or will not – provide.

    Looking for any Revenue at all out of major public infrastructure, such as NBN, is downright primitive and stupid. The flat-earthers who dreamed up the mysterious and magical “profits” out of the NBN should have been sacked on the spot; it is clear they did not understand the first thing about major public infrastructure. (The same goes for the economics witch-doctors who have simple blind faith in privatization).

    Major infrastructure – if diligently planned, built well and intelligently managed – creates wealth across the whole economy, it doesn’t just make piddling short-term profits in a teeny-weeny section of it.

    Some that newly-created wealth comes from innovations that arise only after the major infrastructure comes into existence and hence cannot be easily factored into any narrow thinking on return-on-investment; some of it comes from the unexpectedly collapsed costs of using much of the existing technology and that cannot be factored in either.

    Anyway, this is late 2013 and my quaint valve-driven internet has failed me 6 times this afternoon. I’m less than two hours away from a major city with everything that opens-and-shuts yet my internet service is far inferior to that which I saw in the rural backblocks of a former soviet-bloc country nearly a decade ago.

  11. zoot

    Hear, hear GB!