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26 responses to “I won’t add my condemn to your condemn LV – Sappy New Year”

  1. paul burns

    I condemn Tony Abbott and his proposed sneaky backhanded attack on bulk billing and Medicare. Just the sort of thing he and hi slimeballs would let loose over Xmas when nobody is watching.

  2. Di

    Well done Paul; I condemn Tony Abbott for everything done, and about to be done and add a big fat condemn to privatisation per se and telephone privatisation in particular because I need a real person to come here and fix my phone, but I they don’t come anymore unless I make an EXTRA PAYMENT.

    Oh the golden age of public service where art thou?

  3. Paul Norton

    I condemn the slumlords who owned my former abode, refused to act on my maintenance complaints, tried to blame me for these issues when they were shown them, and then sold the place when I provided photographic and documentary proof that the problems were their fault.

  4. Moz of Yarramulla

    I condemn the drug dealers who are making the lives of my neighbours shorter and mine less pleasant. I don’t they should necessarily be killed, but perhaps made to consume their own product while being permitted only the level of medical care given to the worst off of the workers in their supply chain would be appropriate. Or just flat ban the stupid sh!t and let the bankruptcies fall where they will.

  5. Alison

    I condemn the Libs; I did not vote for them!

  6. paul burns

    I condemn SMH etc for article on box DVD sets which claims Game of Thrones Season 3 is now in stores. Its not till February next year.

  7. jungney

    I condemn Walt Disney, for the usual reasons.

  8. Casey

    I condemn Sambuca at 3pm.

    Far too early, why did I listen to you Malfoy?

    Damn you Sambuca.

  9. desipis

    I condemn the fact I’ve worked over the Christmas period instead of taking a holiday.

    I also condemn my complete lack of plans for New Year’s Eve.

  10. Geoff Henderson

    I note that Abbott is condemning himself to being a one-term PM.

  11. Tim Macknay

    I refuse to condemn Aperol Spritzes, twilight sailing, or anything else planned for this New Years Eve.

    However, I condemn 2013. May it disappear into the mists of time.

  12. Russell

    I condemn tecoma – teams should be sent out from all our agriculture departments to search every property and eradicate the pest. (I have spent the last 4 days digging craters around tecoma trunks and then sawing and chopping my way through the monsters’ roots).

    I condemn my local council for these periodic verge collections which drive us all into wasting vast amounts of time pruning and annihilating our previous gardening mistakes.

  13. Salient Green

    I condemn the wealthy SFB’s over the other side of the Murray from me who hoon around in their speedboats and jetskis, let off fireworks when us hardworking apricot harvesters are trying to sleep and leave their outside lights on all night long.
    I especially condemn the f-wit who took off in his unmuffled v-8 speedboat the other beautiful morning at 6am full throttle to travel a few kms downstream, do a few circles and return.
    Just don’t get me started on Harley Davidsons without mufflers.

  14. The Feral Abacus

    I condemn Peter Jackson for converting The Hobbit into Die Hard 6 or thereabouts.

  15. Mila

    I condemn the MSM for their utter dereliction of duty during the last election campaign, that enabled the Tories to be elected without scrutiny.

  16. Katz

    I condemn every voter who professes to be surprised by what Abbott’s narks and bullies have done since being elected to government.

  17. Paul Norton

    I condemn that blithering idiot, Maurice Newman.

  18. Ambigulous

    Silly young WikiLeaks Party delegation for seeking an audience with Basher Assad.

    Meeting a cruel dictator would be, I had supposed, about as far from the central purposes of a group dedicated to exposing malign secrets and inhuman deeds,…. but…….

  19. paul burns

    I condemn SBS for ceasing the broadcast of Borgen on Wednesday nights at 9.30 without explanation. (I know it wasn’t the end of the series and if it was SBS should have told its viewers.) Channel 10 went down the tube when it started mucking around with programme times, so SBS should be careful.
    (They did the same thing with the Israeli Prisoner of War series moving it to a later timeslot. Though, like its US counterpart, Homeland, it was turning into crap.)

  20. Paul Norton

    Ambigulous @18, some of those WikiLeaks Party delegates aren’t so young, and at least one of them thinks that the troubles in Syria are all the fault of “the Zionists”. Let us condignly condemn them.

  21. Ambigulous

    Paul Norton @20, yes, you’re right.

    I meant “young Party”, as in: naïve, inexperienced, foolish, stupid, etc.

    Very ageist of me.

    I condemn the lack of clarity in my comments.

  22. Ambigulous

    Fairfax reports that Mr Assange Sr has hired Mr Clive A. Evatt to begin proceedings for defamation against the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister, alleging that the Foreign Minister called the delegation to Mr Al-Assad “stupid and reckless”.

    I would have thought freedom of political speech would stop such an action in its tracks, but I still relish the prospect of Mr Evatt springing to his feet in court to denounce Document J as a forgery.

  23. jungney

    Re yr ps: the degree of establishment support for Assange is fascinating. Is it just that he is an international cause celebre or is there another reason.

  24. Geoff Henderson

    Living in the FNQ region I just don’t sense the local support for Assange. If there was any it was simply because he stuck it up to government; that stuff seems to have faded into the background.

    Going off to Assad seems a curious way to garner support or make some kind of worthwhile political/social statement.

  25. jungney

    GH: I agree with all of what you say; I don’t see any local support here in Drastic either, but then, that’s the bush. My point was about the odd support for Assange from the establishment. anyhoo..

  26. Graham Bell

    I condemn my fellow war veterans for failing to inform journalists of the sneaky tactics used by the Department of Native Affairs Veterans’ Affairs and related bodies.

    If the great war heroes had got off their lazy blurters and said something, the “shock, horror” story of a widow getting a pension because her husband had become addicted to salt during the Second World War would never have made the news.

    How are journalists to know, if they are not told, that secondary illnesses are sometimes made the basis of determining eligibility for a particular pension application while major primary war injuries and illnesses in the same application barely get noticed in the convoluted, screwy process?

    Anyway, those lazy war veterans will get their just dessrts when the Abbott government uses the hoo-haa over this case as the thin edge of the wedge, an excuse, to attack and slash ALL war-caused disability pensions …. they don’t have to be nice anymore because there are less than 400 Diggers left in Shaitanistan and they don’t have to recruit more to go there.