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Chinese hackers, and Labor

This week’s Four Corners reported that somebody, possibly the Chinese government, stole the plans for ASIO’s new headquarters. For what it’s worth, I don’t doubt for a moment that Chinese intelligence would like a copy of the building plans for […]

Is the gagging of NSW CLCs a breach of the implied freedom of political communication?

[My Constitutional Law is rusty and so this is an attempt to start a conversation, not to make a definite argument on this issue. I really welcome thoughtful debate.] The NSW government has recently issued new ‘Principles for Funding of […]

It’s not asking too much…

It’s not asking too much…

That’s the title of the Salvation Army’s latest National Economic and Social Impact Survey. Epithets such as “disturbing” and “alarming” are being used. In the light of our unwillingness to pay more tax, you might add “obscene”. One child in […]